Fard Ayn – Islamic Studies

Children’s Fard Ayn Program (Islamic Studies)

Ages 7 and up

Days/Time: Fridays 9-11 AM
Session Length: Sept 16 2011 -May 28th 2012
Cost : $115/month
Commitment: Year-round. 

Content:  The obligatory knowledge imparted to the children during the course of the year is divided into several sub topics which will be covered one at a time.  We will be starting with the first topic below, followed by the rest stated beneath.    To Register: Click Here  

  1. Science Of Prayer

  As parents, we should encourage our children to establish regular prayer at a young age in order to nurture the habit of worship in their daily lives.  This course, Science of Prayer, developed under the Maktab Project is an innovative introduction to the fundamentals of purification and prayer.    

 Teaching relevant scientific topics along with the rules of fiqh will engage young students with the subject matter, giving them practical, hands-on experiences which orient them towards a desire to worship their Creator.  When learning about tahara (purification and wudu), students will learn about the water cycle, importance of water conservation, and the how the percentage of water in our bodies directly corresponds to the percentage of water on earth.  When studying tayammum, students will spend time outdoors identifying what can be used while also learning that our bodies are made from dirt and minerals, furthering our connection to the planet we live on.  Lessons on the timing of prayers will naturally lead to the scientific topics of the sun, the earth’s rotation, and shadows.  To supplement the lesson on direction of prayer, students will learn the concept of magnetism and how a compass works.   

Fiqh is combined with science and experiential learning activities to offer a child his obligatory knowledge in a manner that is thoughtful and engaging.  Max class size: 10  

 2.   Leaders of the Way, Level 2:  Inspiration from the lives of the founders of the four madhahib.  Subtle introduction to the four madhabs, their differences and similarities.  * This is fard ayn for those living in America because unlike other countries where the madhab is generally uniform amongst the population, here most people have a choice.  This causes confusion for children- this course will attempt to alleviate that confusion. *  

3.   Super Heroes, Levels 1 and 2 : Companions of the Prophet  

4.   Lessons for Lisan, Levels 1 and 2:  Core Islamic text- Prohibitions of the Tongue  

5.   My Sound Heart, Levels 1 and 2: Core Islamic text- Purification of the Heart    

About The Teacher   We are honored to have Shk. Rami as our teacher not only because of his breath of knowledge in the Islamic Sciences(having studied under giants such as Shk. Murabit ul Hajj), but also his sound understanding of how knowledge is imparted along with his current under-taking of a degree in Education alhumdlillah!  He strongly believes in the need for interaction between the teacher and students outside of class time in an effort to nurture a relationship based on love.  And love being the root for actualizing knowledge imparted during class.    

Our Story   Our philosophy at Peace Village is to create an intimate loving sacred knowledge environment amidst an urban farm, which nurtures quality relationships with the teacher as well as fellow students inshaAllah.  The break in between the two classes will be a time for the children to share a snack with Shk. Rami as he engages in friendly, light hearted conversations.     

To Register: Click Here  

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