Meet the Animals



On August 24th, 2010, a beautiful dark haired, blue eyed Nigerian dwarf mama and baby pair joined us at Peace Village. Strong protective mama Barakah and curiously friendly baby Zam-Zam had both recently delivered a litter of their own. Their udders were full of delicious and nutritious goat milk. As their own babies were ready to be weaned off, they became a part of our daily milking routine nourishing us with milk produced by our own hands!

On Wednesday, 2/2/11, we entered into the red barn to find our courageous Mama, Zam Zam, given birth to two adorable little kids, Nur and Shams.  We thought Nur and Shams were identical until we noticed the white mark on Nur’s forehead. 

Rhode Island Red Chicks — 23 Sisters 
These baby chicks made their way into our hearts and lives at Peace Village on April 25th, 2010. Their first day of life was filled with chirping, walking, and moving their wings for the first time. Being featherless, and without the warmth of a Momma chicken, they needed allot of love and heat, to survive the colder nights. Each evening when the sun would set, they would all huddle together, and share their body heat to keep their temperature between 96-98 degrees. As the weeks went by, and their feathers came in, they learned that they could jump and fly to new heights. These chicks have been hand fed since birth. They love to fly on you, climb on your shoulders, and eat from your hands. You’ll be amazed to witness these chicks grow before your eyes each time you visit!


Our girls have outdoor runs where they are able to scratch, chase bugs, and enjoy the fresh air each and every day. These chickens love to make announcements and clucks whenever they have happily lay an egg. They each have their own nesting and egg-laying spot. They love to hide and find a secluded place. Our eggs are hand collected daily and we know you’ll be able to taste the difference! Can you find their eggs?

White Leg Horn
Black Astrolorp
Rhode Island Red

Egg Colors:
Light Green!


It all started with bringing home two brothers to the loving hands of our children. Bolly (Black) and Ajwa (Brown) then met our big mama rabbit, Qiswa! And no sooner did we find a ball of rabbit hair in the cage followed by a litter of 9 adorable mice-like newborn rabbits! We now nurture one baby Mitten with the cutest white colored paw. After a nourishing post partum period, Qiswa is pregnant once again! Babies are due by end of June!

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